Meet Our Artists and Artisans

We've got amazing local artist's work in our gift shop, as well as locally-made products, all for a unique gift or to make your day special.

Our artists and artisans have unique stories we'd love to share with you. So, let's make their acquaintence--you'll be the richer for it.

Fran Luscher, Wreath and Paper Artist

Fran, an art major and retired dental hygienist, has a knack for making beautiful things with ribbon and paper. Her wreaths are popular gifts and make a beautiful addition to your front door.

A talented paper artist, Fran loves making unique cards and envelopes, photobooks, as well as other paper arts. If you'd like to learn to make your own art, Fran is an instructor in our classes at The Evergreen. She'd love to meet you!

Fran shows her strong faith through her love for people, her community of Bridgeport, and her family--you'll know it as soon as you meet her. She is a firm believer that everyone can create beautiful works of art. Her favorite saying? "It's your art, it can't be wrong."